Monday, August 23, 2010


The first step to treating a disease is to KNOW that you have the disease and the next step is recognizing its symptoms. But the main problem with sleep apnea is that the sufferer either denies flatly or shies away from accepting that he suffers from it. To add to the troubles, snoring has somewhat become a joke in the society and people who snore are often ridiculed. What they don’t understand that it is a lethal disease that they are laughing at.

It was this fact that got the 20 or so present members of the V5 solutions to form the said association. This small but active association works restlessly to spread awareness about this bothersome disease – sleep apnea.

But what is sleep apnea???

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep. Each episode, called an apnea, lasts long enough that one or more breaths are missed, and such episodes occur repeatedly throughout sleep. The standard definition of any apneic event includes a minimum 10-second interval between breaths, with either a neurological arousal or a blood oxygen desaturation, or both arousal and desaturation.
In significant levels of sleep apnea there may be four to five episodes per hour. There are three distinct forms of sleep apnea: central, obstructive, and complex the most common being the obstructive sleep apnea. Symptoms of this sleep apnea may be present for years without identification, during which time the sufferer may become conditioned to the daytime sleepiness and fatigue associated with significant levels of sleep disturbance.

It is to inform people about these ailments and their cures that the V5 solutions works day and night. This time it has organized a walk on 29th August 2010. This walk is aimed at creating awareness among the people about sleep apnea, its symptoms and its cure. This walk is also intended for those people who do not suffer from the disease but they witness it in one or more of their close relations.
And for those who do not themselves suffer, and whose relations are also in pink of their health, there is no harm in looking out for the dangers... As they always say ‘prevention is better than cure’.

TIME: 04:00PM TO 06:00PM
Stadium Cross Road TO Parimal Garden.


  1. Hi ,
    As i have problem and also i seeking some kind of treatment since long time but as you know there was no details available on net for it. can you please mention treatment procedure timing and Costing also in the blog. that will be very helpful to people like me.


  2. Hi Ashutosh,
    Thank you for visiting our blog. Hope you have liked it. As per your request I am glad to infor you that there are very good Drs is Baroda and Ahmedabad for sleep Apnea. as fars cost is concerned it better you talk to a consultant for that because every dr would give his price in which there is not much difference. (around 10 to 12 thousand)