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Good Sleep is a Necessity. You sleep during one third of your lifetime – regular good sleep is a necessity for a healthy life. As an adult, you need to sleep six to nine hours per night.

A 29 year old Baddruzzama Ansari living in Saraspur area of Ahmedabad who is a father of two little daughters is self employed and works as a tailor, was sick and not able to work on the sewing machine which was getting him his bread and butter for his family.............Why?

A 4o year old Bharat Patel residing at Bhuyanagdev in Ahmedabad who deals is stock market was on his way to his office thinking of making some good deals which could fetch him good money. But he reached the place where none of us would like to go for any reasons. He had met with motor accidents and was taken to the nearest hospital. He now has several steel rods and plates in his body. This happened to him twice in his life of 45 years. He was already over weight and these plates and rods add some more to his body. He crashed his car on the highways of US..................Why?

Family members of a 60 year old Late Mrs Jamila Tekriwal , who went to sleep at night were waiting for her to wake up in the morning as usual. But she did not, as her fragile heart gave up in the mid night and her soul headed towards the final destiny.............................. Why?

These are some of the cases which should have been the news headlines of local news papers...... But they were not because no one is aware of why all this happened. We can’t undo what has happened but we can always stop it from happening in future.

Why the above mentioned people faced these consequences? Nobody had any clues........
But the reason is same in all the 3 case. They were all suffering from “SLEEP APNEA. ”

Yes the deadly demon is around. Think of a deathly escape and actual death brought by the lack of sleep for a human body. Surprising isn’t it!!!!!!! But the truth is what it is.

Sleep Apnea is a disorder characterised by the pauses in the breath during sleep for 10 seconds or more accompanied by the down fall of level of oxygen from blood. This happens because most commonly the muscles of the upper airway fail to maintain the airway and they start collapsing. Each episode of pause in the breath occurring several times in the night is called Apnea. As this happens in sleep it is called Sleep apnea.

3 Types of Sleep Apnea:
 Obstructive Apnea
 Central Apnea
 Mixed Apnea

In Obstructive Apnea breathing is interrupted due to partial block of air flow in airway track despite of respiratory efforts. This is very common with the prevalence of approximately 84% of the total apneac cases. Obesity, loss of muscle tone due to age, use of alcohol and other drugs arelife-style factors that may contribute to sleep apnea. There are various grave diseases, which can be worsen or even caused by sleep apnea.These include for example cardiovascular sdiseases, stroke and high blood-pressure.

Approximately 4% percent of the male and two percent of the female population in the world
suffer from moderate to severe sleep apnea syndrome. The majority of these cases have not yet been diagnosed.

What are the Symptoms of Sleep Apnea?
You may be suffering from sleep apnea if you have the following day time symptoms:

1) Morning headache and Excessive daytime sleepiness
2) Concentration problems and memory loss (especially short term memory LOSS)
3) Behavioural abnormalities Including aggression, shyness and hyperactivity
4) Typical night time symptoms include: Loud snoring, accompanied by the "gasping”
5) Restless sleep and nightmares with Sweating and enuresis (bed wetting)

Approximately one in every five adults¹ have sleep-disordered breathing (SDB).Up to 80% of these are unaware of their condition and remain undiagnosed and untreated.

Why people are undiagnosed and untreated?
The only reason is lack of Awareness and Supportive resources which is sign of our irresponsibility the human being.

So to fight against the “Life Threatening Hazard” and make people aware,


Hence, V5 Solutions has taken the oath to build a platform for our fellow society in order to create awareness of the deadly demon. It’s said that “Action speaks better then words” So without wasting your precious time we would like to inform you that we have taken our first step in the direction towards the social empowerment so as to fill your life with colours.

V5SOLUTIONS is a vibrant organisation which is versatile in spreading the veritable ideology. Voluptuously requesting you to please be vivacious and help us in serving the society and be the part of a noble cause

Our Mission:
“To heal the world, make it a better place for me and you and for the entire human race.
There are people dying, if you care enough for living------
Let’s make a little space, to make the world a better place for me and you and for the entire human race.”

To make the world a better place join us at @ Sleep Apneac Society of Ahmedabad.

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